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It’s never been easier or more important to keep work moving! Embrace the power of Attune’s Virtual Attendance tools to safely and securely meet with your team and train staff, clients, and partners from any location!

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Meet, Learn, and Collaborate from Anywhere

With Attune’s Virtual Attendance service you can expand a traditional classroom instantly to include people from
anywhere across the globe.

Remote attendees can:

  • See and hear everything happening in the room
  • Interact with event facilitators and fellow participants
  • Raise hands and ask questions
  • View and interact with session content including presentations, videos, whiteboard notes, and more

End-to-End Support for a Seamless Event

Attune provides the technology, presentation tools, and tech support you need—you just supply the content.

  • Launch Turn-Key Events: No technology investment or software downloads needed to initiate your virtual event. All remote users need to participate is a computer, internet connection, speakers, and microphone—it’s that easy!

  • Save Money: Virtual attendance gives you the ability to effectively host more participants in geographically dispersed locations, saving travel costs.

  • Improve Productivity: Attending meetings and trainings remotely means less time away from the office so that productivity is not interrupted.
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The Attune Difference

We have the expertise and resources to deliver your event anywhere in the world. You can rely on Attune to handle all of the details to create the best experience for your participants.

Offer Details

  1. Events must originate from one of our Attune premier locations: Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Dallas, Dulles, San Francisco, or Washington DC
  2. Virtual collaboration room includes:
    > Two-way audio and visual technology to interact with remote attendees
    > In-room presentation tools (ceiling-mounted projector and ample whiteboard space)
    > Tech support for presenter and remote attendees before and during your event
  3. Includes up to 25 remote attendees
  4. Events must be delivered by May 31, 2020